Photoshop Workshops

I will provide the following Photoshop-based workshops and will arrange a schedule that is mutually convenient:

  • Individual rate … $50/hour
  • 2-person rate….. $45/hour each
  • 3-person rate …. $40/hour each
  • 4-person rate….. $35/hour each

Please contact me to arrange a workshop or to purchase my new "How To" eBook on Creative Editing.


Bob's work speaks for itself. He is wonderfully skilled at converting photographs to a variety of innovative art forms.

My wife & I were visiting BC from Ontario. Seeing Bob's sign on Yellow Point Road, we decided to visit his gallery. I had always been frustrated with my inability to do more with my photos and after my visit I knew he had an answer for me. Bob agreed to come to our condo to teach me his methods in a number of two hour sessions.

What really impressed me was: his comprehensive knowledge of Photoshop; his teaching (started with the simple & gradually advanced to the more complex); his patience; his extra preparations for our meetings; his enthusiasm for his work; and his willingness to go beyond our two hour sessions (if our topic was not completed).

I heartily endorse his workshops.

- Alan R

I was stuck in a rut with my photographic creativity and then I found Bob Belhouse who quickly elevated me to a level of achievement I did not dream possible.

With his enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and experience, my photographic skills dramatically improved and almost immediately I began to transform ordinary photographs into works of art.

Bob is a very patient teacher and loves to inspire his pupils and readily shares his secrets compiled over a considerable period of time. His studio and workplace are delightful and one cannot help but admire his large collections of artwork.

Give yourself a treat. Contact Bob now!

- Michael R